Why you, why me? why is it so easy?        (.8 -8 ; /8 ^8 ; .8 -8 /8 ^8 8 8 ) // what's this... what's this?...
    to get uuuunder your skin?        (. - ^~ / _ /)

    It should, not be.
    It should not be that easy, and believe me... please

    The truth is i'm not special, just like the way you want it
    There's thousands more like me. like me.

    Yet somehow,
    yeeeeet somehow... it's me.        // it's not yeet, don't read it as yeet! .... it's an extended yet!


    I am... myself, not trying too hard at it.
    My creature... compels... contention!

    I see... the anger that I seed.
    In others. For others... I'll be.

    Somewhere else... somewhere different
    You and I will never meet again

    But let's pretend... let's pretend
    It was like that... forever.... til the end! (. ^ ^)