Late to the party, late to the party, LATE TO THE PARTAAAYYYY!

It's as if you don't know until you're in it!
They won't see, acknowledge.... nothing is there!
Through impossible hurdles, one cannot prepare!
You did it somehow.... now please! do share!
What did you see? what did you hear?
"I wish to know the essence" a voice stuttered...
"I wish to see it clearly".....
  "I hope it holds a lesson!"
  "I hope so very dearly....."
You see here at the party,
we don't remember nothing!
and you who just came here,
you must remember something!
    "I dream to one day hold it!!"
    "I dream I'm not alone!"
      "I feel there's something there"
      "I feel I'm in the zone!"
at least you can saaaaay... that you are:
late to the paaaarty, late to the paaaarty... LATE TO THE PARTAAAAAYY! :D.... but now you're in it!
The world of items and explosions;
already on its way.
It's been for quite a while,
and so I wish to stay.
I want to see it happen,
unfolding point of view,
I want to see it through.
I want to see it through.