Well, it's getting better isn't it? It is getting better


I keep thinking about the sensations of alternate timelines. The feelings that float in the air with or without me. Sensations floating like blobs between people and objects, blobs of color, blobs of smell, and perhaps blobs of visions, like a portal to other timelines still!

and it's not about the people (within the blobs), and it's not about the objects. It's about the sensation, the feeling of floating amongst these blobs. I want to float amongst them!!

When I see old places, I think of old things, and when I try to get out... I can't. Seems like nostalgia is a helluva drug.

I want to get out of my brain. It's not good to be in one place for too long, a change of scenery would be appreciated!

Why are negative thoughts so enticing? Why does it feel like they are the only thing that's keeping me alive??

Pessimism is only good if you're an animal in a precarious or threatened position, or if you're surrounded by pessimists!

you only see what you look for, and there is a tendency to only look for what you've seen. Breaking that chain requires a force so impressive it would be seen as 'self destructive'!

it's funny how the things that seem so important always turn out to be so different if you just let them go.

I think art mattered much more as a child.

I love living in this world, but only when shit's falling from the sky. Rain, snow... it has a damping effect on the world, it hides me, yet i'm still in it. It feels like i'm cheating!

why is marching so funny? I guess normal walking is pretty funny too.

There's truth in emotion

The brain slips in strange ways, we think we know how and why and oh how we point and shout... but nobody knows the next time they will slip themselves... I guess the point is to not point and shout at all?