It's like I'm lucid dreaming
Breathing ain't so heavy

Just the right distance from the world
floating where I wanna

Into the comfort, and outta the gloom
The world might be doom, but I'm just above the surface

Calm, smooth... motions, move
Thoughts... shift, notions... drift

Crystal dreamy dungeons, it's the happiest day,
I'm aware of the clock, but it can tick anyway

I used to worry all so much about all of that time

but yeah, 
I know, 
it's there, 
it's fine

Mellow mellow mellow, it's not even that warm yet
but I know I know I know, it's the future that counts

Preserve it, sure, bottle it if I ever could,
I want all the world to feel the same, it's worth it, just don't know how quite yet.

the best I can do is say "I feel great!"