Never ending "chess" match


I'm not a huge fan of chess, but the dream started with a sort of card game, kinda like magic, but where the cards eventually turned into some combination of card game and chess, where the pieces were related to the cards, and had special rules and such.

At some point there were 3 players (as opposed to just 2), and when the third player left the match, the pieces were all the same color (black). Although one set of black was 'slightly more specular' and therefore differentiable from the other. This was not my oppinion, but my opponents. No words were spoken, but my opponent kept moving the pieces as if continuing to play the game normally. At some point the board was massive, and there was really an overwhelming amount of chess pieces involved, maybe hundreds, all of them black.

I insisted that I switch out my pieces for white ones, since I really had a hard time distinguishing the pieces from one another. My opponent agreed to this without saying a word, and before I know it, my pieces were now white. However the board was now much smaller, and a lot of the pieces were missing in order to "fit them" on the now much smaller board. This wasn't my main gripe however, the board tiles were now no longer alternating colors, they were mostly white, and with a corner clustered with a couple black tiles. I insisted that the tiles had to be swapped out and arranged in a normal alternating pattern, since I use this to effectively plan out my movements. My opponent doesn't object.

The game has now turned into a sort of exercise in individually arranging blocks to form an alternating pattern of black and white tiles. Apparently this was very difficult to get right, and I would often find out that after placing a piece, some of the pieces were out of order, and frustrations would arise as I had to pick out the tiles again to replace them with the correct one in an 'ad hoc' manner. All while maintaining the board positions of the pieces sitting on top of the tiles. This would go on and on and on until I eventually woke up. I never really got to the end of the game itself.