Library of Fear and Surgery


I was in a form of library, a very inefficient one given the amount of open space, and the lack of books and shelf space. The library had this massive room where me and some faceless friends were running around. Exploration! we wanted to go higher and higher, despite my own vertigo, I kept going up these rickety stairs that was sorely lacking in general stair safety, the handrails were present, but it would be easy to fall through them, The stairs were also not very regular, sometimes they would arch out kinda randomly into the vast space and others would ascend alongside the wall. Surely some mad architect was having fun here.

The stairs sadly didn't go all the way up, but in lieu of stairs, there was a weird "elevator" in their place. It was more of a semisphere with two small handlebars for holding on to it with, and it would rise upwards on an extending pole from the ground, wobbling violently in the process. the elevator was also positioned such that should you fall off of it, you would undoubtedly fall the entire height of the vast room, and not back onto any platform or the stairs that led halfway up...

I was paralyzed with a sense of vertigo just thinking about the wobbling, I had almost no desire at all to see what was up there, I couldn't see anything of the top floor either, since all that was on display was a small hole where the elevator would dock with the floor, and following the theme of this "library", it would probably not go all the way up, and expect you to jump the rest of the way onto the ledge of the circular hole.


Suddenly I find myself in a surgery room, where a random doctor-like figure is twisting metal pieces into my groin, I just kinda "let the doctor work" since who was I to question it? I felt nothing, but I felt disgust at the thought of having what looked like nuts and bolts "installed" into my groin. The doctor was gone now, and I decided to unscrew one of the bolts. There was a lot of blood coming out, and I wadded some toilet paper between my legs and started wiggling like a worm on the floor out the door and into the windy corridors. It was just sterile white corridors, but I knew it was in the same building as the "library" from earlier, and I knew my faceless friends were off having fun exploring, and I wanted to get back to them! "wait for me!... don't leave me!" I would think while inching my way across the floor.