Vending machine airport


I was at this airport with a friend of mine. The airport was a sterile, empty one, but with ambient airport sounds. Walking up to this gate where there was what looked like a large vending machine with a monitor above it. Instructions on the monitor told me to stand in front of it with my hands up, since I think it wanted to scan my fingerprints (according to the graphics on the monitor). It also told me to input my card, so I did and a second later it would spit out what looked like a cheap photocopy scan of my card in a separate compartment. The colors were all washed out. The vending machine then made a semi-loud 'tchunk!' sound, and I don't think that was intended to happen, as my card came out with clear damages to it. It was now a fair bit bent on one corner, and had an impact divet from where it had caught on something inside the machine.

I told my friend about it, and then went looking around the gate area until I found a man that looked like he might care. When I told him he only looked at me in a slightly empathetic manner, and a smile that said "That sux man!", but he didn't say or do anything beyond that. Though he did point to some other actual vending machines, and I thought he most likely just wanted me to check if the card still works.

Approaching the row of other vending machines, I found myself drawn to the the flashy colorful one with prices listed in japanese yen. It had these 'Origin Stories!' of various creatures from what I think was digimon, but they all looked kinda off from what I remembered the originals to be. A fair chunk of them just kinda looked like snakes with the digimons head cropped onto it. The prices went from 900 yen, down to as low as 24. I picked the 24 yen option, it was snake-gatomon. And I was pleased to discover that my card still actually worked. I now realized I had to actually give this machine an attempt of providing me with 24 yen of quality entertainment.

Out of the very faint speaker positioned just uncomfortably above a crouching position came a fuzzy low-pass filtered mans voice, talking in japanese about snake-gatomon. I quickly got up after about 5 seconds while laughing towards my friend who was buying an energy drink from another vending machine.