The large mansion of beds and animals that want to kill me


Trying to fall asleep in this large mansion-like building. But every time there's some sort of ominous feeling related to an animal that's disturbing my sleep. My cat is there, but he's not the cause of any of the 'ominous' or annoying presences...

First there was a new cat, this was a rival cat that my cat didn't like, so I shooed it outside and closed the door (doors don't make sense in this dream btw, I'll be closing this door multiple times). I move from one bed to another bed, since I clearly couldn't fall asleep in the first one.

Second there was a tiger outside (not sure how I _knew_ but I felt it's presence), and I have to quickly get out of bed, and avoid direct line of sight while I close all the openings to the building so it doesn't get inside, since I knew it wanted to eat me. I try hard to close the blinds on this door which is mostly window, but I stand there struggling for a while, and the blinds are flimsy, so they eventually end up like the peter griffin gif representing CSS (search 'peter griffin + CSS'). All the while I know the tiger is approaching, and I don't want it to see through the windows, since then it'll probably break them and get inside. I now move to a third bed...

My cat would always follow me around, and I didn't want him to get eaten either, so I always made sure he got in through all my doors.

In this third bed I was disturbed by some insect buzzing in my ear constantly, and this time I woke up for real.

/dream (+ I also thought there was a real insect in my real room, but there was none)